Jovica Ivanovic

The Serbian accordionist, Jovica Ivanovic, was born 1987 in Zvornik, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
He accomplished his BA in Musical Education (ME) as well as his master in art-based education (KA) with accordion at the Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media in Germany.

During his time at university Jovica Ivanovic managed to earn prestigious scholarships such as “Live Music Now” – Yehudi Menuhin and the Germany scholarship, to name some.
The accordionist staged at countless concerts and festivals like the international Bruckner Fest (Linz, Austria), the MozArt Festival (Lemberg, Ukraine), the Cello-Biennale (Amsterdam, Netherlands), the Congress Center (Hannover, Germany), the Kiev and Odessa Philharmonic (Ukraine), the Belgrade Philharmonic (Serbia), at the Concert Hall Kolarac (Belgrade, Serbia), as well as with the NCE “Kyiv Soloists” and the Ukrainian Chamber Orchestra led by the violinist Valeriy Sokolov with whom he collaborates regularly since 2016.

This collaboration shows for example in the world premiere of „Light and Shadow“, a piece which was composed by Vladimir Genin especially for Ivanovic and Sokolov, which was presented at the MozArt Festival Lemberg 2018. The cooperation continues as Genin composed a concert for accordion and string orchestra written for Jovica Ivanovic.

The recording of his CD
“Piazzolla and Galliano Concertos” followed in December 2018 at the Grand Concert Studio of the Ukrainian radio station in Kiev. Other contributors were the Ukrainian Chamber Orchestra conducted by the renowned Vitaliy Protasov and the violinist Valeriy Sokolov.

In 2019 he will star in his own concert series called “Jovica Ivanovic – Music in Connection” presented by Sudhaus hallein.kultur, where he collaborates with numerous wellknown musicians like Gary Hoffman, Jeremy Menuhin, Valeriy Sokolov and others on different stages in Hallein (Salzburg, Austria).

His strengths show in improvisation and Balkan influenced music as well as his passion for jazz, funk and tango music.